Sip N’ Stroll


Every new parent quickly discovers just how indispensable a good stroller is. That Girl Gifts does not sell strollers, since That Girl doesn’t like being exposed to willful negligence verdicts in excess of $12m. That said, all strollers need a baby bottle holder, which is where we come in.

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Appreciate the abrupt and life-changing path that now lies before Dad: new-found flab where washboard abs once resided; small x’s dotting every 9th day on a calendar in place of romantic spontaneity; a sweet and sneaky-versatile minivan parked where his Mustang once glimmered ‘neath the sun. Now let the man dream of giants where windmills actually stand, and of glorious future adventure where banality reigns:

  • Of ice–cold beer secreted away in those baby bottle holders.
  • Of hydraulic shocks, spinning rims and mysterious exotic words written in ultraviolet lettering tricking out that stroller.
  • Of his best friends gazing on longingly and with envy in the park as he cruises around popping wheelies.
  • That said, all strollers need a good stroller organizer, which is where we come in.

Baby’s new stroller is going to need a bottle holder, and that’s just what you’re giving.

Don’t neglect Dad’s upcoming plight on the big day, though, and take care of a man with the Sip ‘N Stroll!


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